[Salmon shelf life is long lasting]_Salmon_Storage method_How long does it deteriorate?

[Salmon shelf life is long lasting]_Salmon_Storage method_How long does it deteriorate?

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with salmon. Generally, it will be placed on salmon fillets. This is a very famous alternative. It is spread from Japan to other parts of the world. The nutrients in salmon are also very rich.Protein, these substances will make people’s body better, but salmon must be eaten when fresh, it is best not to eat overnight.

Like other fish, salmon is also very rich in protein and higher than other fish, so eating more salmon can maintain potassium and sodium balance; eliminate edema.

Because of these high protein, it can also improve immunity.

Because protein is rich, it is beneficial to protect the elasticity of blood vessels, so it can lower blood pressure. Hemoglobin is also a kind of protein, so it can buffer anemia and is beneficial to growth and development.

Observed copper element Copper is a mineral that cannot be shared by human health. It is related to the color of our hair. If copper oxide is used, juvenile gray hair will appear, and copper is important for blood, central nervous system and immune system, skin and bone tissue.And the brain and liver, heart and other internal organs have important effects on the development and function.

Copper carbonate can also cause anemia, so supplementing salmon is one of the better ways to replace copper.

Stroke prevention Because salmon can live in the deep sea, its blood contains an unsaturated fatty acid that can remove excess saturated fatty acids in the blood, reduce blood lipids, strengthen blood circulation, and reduce the damage to blood vessel walls caused by lipid toxins.The elasticity of the blood vessel wall can effectively prevent stroke.

Other effects Because salmon contains DHA, it is called the protector of the brain, so it has the function of enhancing brain function and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It can be used for adjuvant treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s disease, stroke, vision loss and other diseases.

Salmon can also effectively prevent diabetes.


Salmon sashimi: live fish bleed, slice meat, take stabs, cut thin slices or diamond-shaped thick slices, ice cubes at the bottom, fish fillets on ice plate, served with dipping sauce such as soy sauce, mustard, lemon slices.


Raw roll fish bone soup: Fill the pot with broth, add fish bones, head and tail, ginger and garlic slices, then add cabbage, cook tofu until the soup rolls, and serve immediately.


Raw fish bone congee: white rice porridge spare.

Fry the fish head and fish bones in the pan until they are fully cooked. Pour in the cooking wine soup, then pour the broth, then add the porridge, cook until the porridge is rolled, immediately bring it to the pot, add pepper, and celery.